Oracle 11g Overview

oracle 11g
   Oracle 11g Database is highly flexible database. The 11g is upgraded from the previous versions, by configuring the hardwares and softwares related to provide good efficiency, and employ high security in the system. The automation of the backup and recovery process, provides transparent failover capability.The auditing and performance tuning  circulates your enterprise databases with Oracle Net.

  Here are some of the features of Oracle 11g discussed here.
  • To Plan and deploy the permanent, temporary, and huge tablespaces.
  • Optimizing the disk allocation, Memory usage, and SQL queries.
  • Able to develop a powerful database management system.
  • Oracle Flashback prevents against human errors.
  • Oracle Automatic Undo Management.
  • Oracle Automatic Workload Repository and SQL Tuning are used to Diagnose and tune system performance.
  • Implementing robust security by using authorization, authentication, fine-grained auditing, and  access control
  • Maintaining high availability by using Oracle(RAC) Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard.
  • Responding more efficiently to failure circumstances by using the Oracle Automatic Diagnostic Repository and the Oracle Repair Advisor.
  • Back up and restoring tables, tablespaces, and databases with Oracle (RMAN)Recovery Manager  and Oracle Data Pump Utilities Export and Import
  • Working with network databases, data warehouses, and VLDBs


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