Responsibilities of an ORACLE dba

    As I am a DBA for more than a year I have came to know lot of things happening in the industry. I would like to share all those with you. A DBA is solely responsible for the database, so ensure before firing any commands. When you are working with OLTP environment, you have to be more cautious. You have to know all the features and differences between oracle versions.version info. He should be able to work on any OS platforms, also should have some idea about hardware setup, memory management like RAID, san storage etc. You all may think that a DBA should do only backup, recovery, monitoring operations. But other than this there are lot of roles a DBA has. It differs based on the industry and institutions you

Installing, upgrading, and patching Oracle Database software

Designing databases based on requirements

Creating Oracle databases

Testing backup and recovery strategy, and prepare a plan for failure cases.

Backup data regularly

Making connectivity for clients to connect the database across network.

Startup and shutdown the database

Managing tablespaces and datafiles

Managing users and security

Managing database objects

tuning database for performance

Proper usage of Oracle corp support while needy

Evaluating and testing new database features
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