System issues towards Oracle Database

System Issues that are responsible for a crash or downfall of a Oracle DB. Here we are going to discuss how to overcome the system issues and make the database up and running at every time.

  • Periodic backups should be taken based on the working environment.
  • Check the alert logs, startup logs , shutdown logs are proper.
  • Ensure the disk spaces for the backups and alert logs are enough.
  • Go with operation tuning and limit OS level issues regarding Oracle database.
  • Do updates for system software for system issues as it may happen often.

What should one inherit to become an Oracle DBA?

" Are you sure of working about four hours continuously?" this is the case happens if a database crashes. The time for recovery makes tremendous. The Oracle DBA's are concerned only when there is emergency, so being a responsible person is proud and also a curse. You will surely feel the need for you as a Oracle DBA in the company. Its one of the high profile jobs in the software industry. You may get phone calls at mid night because some databases require to be 24/7.  All the need is time constraint to work for longer hours. Its really a challenging role. So enjoy being a Oracle DBA and serve your clients.

Oracle 9i Architecture

oracle dba

Oracle 9i - My Experience

Oracle 9i Database is the most powerful edition of oracle corporation. It has been used for OLTP environment as well as in Warehousing. Data security is very high when compared to other Databases. Now the war has been over with MySQL, because owned Sun micro systems. The i in oracle 9i denotes "internet". When oracle combines with linux it gives more reliability and security to the database system. RMAN is a tool in oracle which is very much useful for data backup and recovery.The DDL event security secures the database from structural or Data Definition Language changes made.

Does SEO make a site/blog popular?

SEO is a vast field thats growing nowadays. The SEO is mainly focussed to promote the sites in offline and online. This is a kind of Technical marketting . Inorder to do you have to perceive the industry knowledge in which industry you are going to promote your site. SEO is based on lots of constrains like backlinks, referals and daily average visits. All these things are done to get indexed in google search list. But Google often changes its criterias and no one can expect their rank or predict googles algorithm. But by being loyal and making genuine post its possible to achieve unique visitors to your site or blog.

Oracle Jobs In Chennai

There are lots of openings rushing up for IT professionals as well this year is concerned. So I would like to share   my views with you guys to get a DBA job. The areas where you have to concentrate more  are RMAN, Oracle utilities like import/export, backup and restore. The DBA profile is so interesting and challenging one for a person with desire towards DB. There are lots of databases like DB2, sybase, MySQL. Everything needs a DBA to manage it.
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